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I have lived in East Tulsa for 26 years. My husband and I have 5 children and 4 grandchildren. As the wife of a veteran I have been an advocate for veteran benefits; and had a significant impact while working with state legislators on veteran bills. In addition to being a local business owner, I was previously employed by the City of Tulsa, at Tulsa Transit. I served on the the bond development committee for Tulsa Public Schools and have been a member of the Oklahoma Education Association and the Parent & Teacher Association. I currently set on the Legislative committee with the Oklahoma Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

I attend Church on the Move and I'm active in the community. I have participated in Leadership Tulsa and have dedicated my time and services to many organizations. These include veteran groups; like the Disabled American Veteran's Auxiliary, American Legion Auxiliary, and the Northeastern Oklahoma Veterans Memorial Cemetery. They also include community and civic organizations like Joy in the Cause, United way, Tulsa Zoo Friends, Friends of the Tulsa City-County Libraries, Oklahoma Writers' Federation, and many others. 

In 2014, after watching east Tulsa be ignored for over a decade and having concerns about the community go unaddressed, I made a commitment to face issues head on and ran for my first term as District 6 City Councilor. Since then, with each funding opportunity I have fought for our community and we are beginning to see the impact of my service.

The new Community Health Connections clinic opened in the middle of this pandemic to serve our community. The new improved McCullough park will have the first water feature east of Memorial, and is in the design phase, after much community input. I fought for four men on each fire truck so our firefighters could operate within nationally recommended safety guidelines and policy. The new fire station on 41st street is out to bid, and should break ground by the end of July. We are funding more police academies, and purchasing new police and fire vehicles. We've seen a lot of new asphalt in District 6, and with the "Improve Our Tulsa" bond that Tulsa voted to approve in November, we will see even more. 

I am running for re-election because there is much more to do, and without the leadership of a strong experienced advocate east Tulsa will once again be ignored. I want to continue fighting for the future of east Tulsa.

Sales tax revenues must increase if we are going to meet the rising demands of Tulsa. The best way to accomplish this is to look for areas where commerce can be increased. The newly formed East Tulsa Main Street at 21st and Garnett is being funded to revitalize the area, and focus its potential as an International district. District 6 is also a prime location for commercial growth and is in desperate need of retail development. I will continue to focus on these efforts and have plans for a retail corridor.

My first year in office I worked to remove the roadblocks for the Horizon Outlet Mall in east Tulsa. I worked closely with all parties involved and the Tax Increment Financing was put into place to provide a path for the development. In spite of all the hard work that went into the project, the competition of another proposed mall rendered Horizon unable to secure the tenants necessary to move forward, and they abandoned the project. The TIF is still in place and I'm still looking for appropriate development options.

I continue to work with property owners, potential developers and tenants on projects and ideas to develop in east Tulsa, including the Horizon site, additional commercial, retail, and residential development.

However, sales tax revenue is volatile and will not fix all of our issues. Discussions must continue at the state level. Until state legislators allow municipalities to diversify their local funding sources we will continue to struggle. I am committed to continuing that discussion and encouraging necessary changes. 

I fought for District 6 and east Tulsa during the "Vision" and "Improve Our Tulsa" packages, and with every other opportunity I have. I’m prepared to keep fighting. I will continue to be a voice of reason, that represents our diverse neighborhoods. I have advocated for the needs of our community and have a vision for growth and revitalization. I hope my dedication to District 6 and my ongoing commitment to our neighborhoods has gained your support for my re-election.

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