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I have used my time at city hall to bring attention to and focus on infrastructure needs in the district. Buy taking some of my fellow councilors on a tour of the district, I highlighted the true need regarding the lack of road repair, and the district growth that necessitates new road construction and infrastructure. That put me in a better position to advocate for funding during the “Improve Our Tulsa” process. I fought for District 6 with this package, just as I did with Vision.  

With "Improve Our Tulsa" we secured over $25,000,000 in road projects for District 6. That includes improvements on 11 miles of of arterial streets, 10 major intersections, 7 bridges, and 6 residential projects. 

Through cooperative agreements with Wagoner county, I helped facilitate projects to address flooding on 193rd between Admiral and 11th that was causing accidents and endangering homes. These multi county agreements also allowed me to address the repaving of 11th St. from 193rd E. Ave. to Spunky Creek. Prior to that it was unsafe and resembled a patchwork quilt. The stretch of road still needs major work and that will involve reconstruction of the bridge over Spunky Creek, so I have worked with engineering to begin the process of planning for it.  

I’ve helped with various other issues, including run off and neighborhood flooding, sidewalks, and traffic calming.

I argued for widening, with a previously funded scheduled two lane rehab, on 41st street between Garnett and 129th E. Ave. It was funded in 2013, prior to my election and I was initially told there was no funding. However, after much discuss and unrelenting commitment to the inclusion of the third lane, the street department was able to make it work. Now the widening of 41st is complete with a third turn lane and new sidewalks. I have also argued for a traffic signal with this project at 122nd E. Ave. to facilitate traffic calming and lessen the number of accidents associated with that intersection. I'm still working on this.

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